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Natural History Showreel 2020

My most recent work has been for landmark productions that are yet to be broadcast. The showreel above was shot in Cornwall, between March and August 2020, during the  extended lockdown period. 

Throughout 2021, I worked exclusively for Silverback Films on Our Planet II with Huw Cordey, Ed Charles and Toby Nowlan. I spent six months in the field working on a variety of sequences, often with a lot of responsibility. This series is currently in the edit and will TX in 2023. 

In 2022 I have worked on projects for BBC, Disney+, NBCUniversal and Netflix with Silverback Films, BBC Studios and Wildstar Films.

My skillset includes long-lens, drone (both scenic and behaviour), non-studio macro as well as incorporating movement through timelapse, gimbal and slider work. 

I love animals, aesthetics and storytelling and hope to continue working on the biggest  productions with the best people for many years to come. 

Scenic Drone Showreel